Why God? Why have you taken me from bad to worse? How could this possibly be for the betterment of my future? These were the questions that were swirling through my mind as I contemplated why I was experiencing such extreme discomfort in this season of my life. For just a moment I want to share the answer God so graciously gave to my questions and how it put my current season in proper perspective.

Comfort… That is what I heard the Holy Spirit whisper as I pondered my current fate. I was thinking about how good I had it at my last job (which I walked away from because I believe God told me to), the paid days off, higher pay, minimal paperwork, more flexibility, shorter work day etc. In the middle of my reflection I know I heard the word, comfort. God downloaded the reason why He moved me from there was because I would have grown too comfortable. You see, the job I landed after leaving the one God told me leave, was no cakewalk. I felt overwhelmed, overworked, and completely over it! But it stretched me, taught me time management and effective juggling of multiple tasks, how to deal with difficult people, and most of all it taught me, how not to settle. This job led me to extreme discomfort, which is categorized as “slight pain”. The word slight means, small in degree, inconsiderable. I don’t know about you but this definition reminds me of a scripture over in Romans 8:18 “I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us”. God helped me to realize that that job, while uncomfortable, was serving a purpose. It led me to spiritual discontentment and pushed me to pursue God like never before. I was forced to step out in faith regarding the things He wants me to do, no matter how scary or daunting the tasks may seem.

You may be thinking that your life seems unbearable, extremely uncomfortable, and even inconvenient at times. But that is exactly what you need to catapult you into your calling. If you’d be honest, you know you would become stagnant and “okay” with living in the land of the in between (out of Egypt but not quite in the land flowing with milk and honey) if you were comfortable and cozy in your current phase of life. You know this, so you know God knows this as well. This is why I believe He allows certain situations to transpire so that you will have no choice but to pursue everything God is calling you to. Your season of discomfort is used for you to find your divine destiny… so embrace it! And like Paul said, your right now is not worth comparing with the glorious future God has for you when you do what He created you to do.




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