Hey ladies!!! It’s been a while and I hope you all are doing great! So we all know the holiday that is around the corner. You know the one that starts with a V and rhymes with Malentines (okay so I made that up but you get the point). So yeah Valentine’s day is quickly approaching and I know of a lot of beautiful women who are dreading it L. Soooo I decided the write a lil something. I think it is such a shame that many women are left feeling unloved, insecure, and even depressed due to a silly ol’ holiday. But I get it, it’s a day for lovers and seemingly happy couples (even the fake ones) and yet another reminder that you are single and still… waiting on God. However, I want to change your perspective a little and hopefully help you to see that you are loved and the depths of this love extends far beyond some roses, a 40 dollar dinner, and you having to explain that you ain’t “putting out” cause he spent a few dollars.

Have you ever experienced the love of God? Like really felt His presence? When the presence of the Lord comes into the room, you undoubtedly feel it. His presence is palpable, almost too much to bare. I remember feeling His presence for the first time and I just couldn’t stop crying, it was uncontrollable and I’m a g lol. But no really, my heart felt like it would just explode, I could barely breathe but in a good way. You know the way a person explains being in a love relationship and their partner “takes their breath away”, yeah that’s the feeling. If you’ve never experienced true love, get into a relationship with Jesus. Nothing else compares, and I mean NOTHING. Now I know you may be thinking I know God loves me and that is great but I can’t post of pic of me and Jesus at the movies or at a fancy restaurant on my Instagram. But my response to that is, why is posting pics a concern of yours if you are truly content in your single season? I’m not saying it is a sin or a crime to desire companionship but if you should ever let yourself reach the point of depression, hopelessness, and frustration over singleness it is a problem and a sure fire way to discern if you really have experienced the love of God. Stop and ask yourself if a date for Valentine’s Day is just something that would be nice or if you are really upset over spending another V Day alone? Only you and God knows the answer to that question but I want to give a few suggestions on how you can celebrate the holiday and not give two cares that you are single.

Tip #1: Go on a date with Jesus. I’m sure you all have heard of lunch and dinner dates with Jesus. This is where you unplug from all other human contact and share a meal with the Lord. You can cook or go out. I went to Chick-fil-a one time and it was great (now its Valentine’s Day so you can treat God to somewhere a tad bit fancier)! But you can make it fun, get dressed up, grab your bible, headphones, and journal and fully immerse yourself in the Lord.

Tip #2: #ladiesnightout Make reservations to a nice restaurant, put on something fly, grab your girls and head out for a night on the town. If you and your girls are single you should relish in this time. One day there will be babies, a man to think of, a household to keep, and not enough hours in a day to sit quietly for 5 minutes let alone hang out.

Tip #3: Do something kind for someone else. During this month the 12th-18th is National Random Acts of Kindness week. Instead of thinking about how you will be dateless, take someone out, by someone a little gift. Think of a single mother at your church or a widowed grandmother, anybody really and perform a random act of kindness. I promise you, you will feel great. Altruism is like a drug when you really begin to love to see others happy.

So I’m done with my rant and I hope you are more excited about V Day then maybe you were before reading this. Just remember that God loves you and He expresses that every day of the year and not just one day made up by man.

God loves each of us as if there were only one of us– Augustine



3 thoughts on “I Promise You… You are Loved

  1. I loved how you explained your first experience of God’s presence, it reminded me of mine, exactly like mine, i was crying to0, it’s a beautiful feeling and i enjoy the Love of God every day now. God bless you for writing this post ❤

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